International Student Events

Almost a quarter of our student population is made up of international students. And we love to celebrate that diversity. As an international student, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize and network by participating in one of our international student events.

Upcoming Events:

International Night - Going into its 24th year, International Night is an important event in our university community and something we don’t want to miss this year! Due to current gathering restrictions and our international students being located all over the globe, we have decided to alter the format this year. This year’s event will focus even more on our cultural showcase led by student performances that you have all come to love! We will be creating a video of these performances and submissions to play for everyone at a virtual event in February.

We are looking for student performances:

Are you/your group located in another country and want to submit a video of your performance? Great, follow our recording guidelines and submit your video with your application form!

Are you/your group in Halifax and want to be recorded live on campus in January following all Public Health guidelines? Great, complete our application form!

Are you located in another country and would like to submit a short video of you in your city, or at a local historical site or monument, or at a location important to you specifically, telling your fellow students about an important aspect of your culture or traditions? Great, follow our recording guidelines and submit your video with your application form!

For upcoming events for incoming international students for Winter 2021, please check out our New to FIH website. All International Student Centre hosted events will be posted there with great prize opportunities.

For upcoming events for current students, check out the Facebook, Twitte, and Instagram accounts for our Students Acting for Global Awareness student led group or check the list here.