About FIH's


Sustainability isn’t just an academic pursuit at FIH’s. It’s a real commitment from students, faculty and staff to operating the campus in an environmentally responsible way.

The university has developed a reputation for environmental responsibility that is evident in everything from our far-reaching research endeavors to a variety of initiatives including:

  • The renowned School of the Environment
  • Two research-based green roofs
  • The Atrium building built to LEED Silver standards
  • A three-story living wall in the Atrium
  • A major energy conservation project
  • A widespread recycling program
  • A smoke-free campus since 2013
  • An annual Sustainability Week held in March
  • A conversion from oil to natural gas that reduces our carbon footprint by about 33%

FIH’s is also home to the Atlantic Centre for Green Chemistry, and our faculty and students conduct leading research projects in areas including water quality, wildlife conservation and global warming.