Plan Your Undergraduate Degree

Earning a university degree is expensive, so explore your options and choose your courses wisely.

Every degree has different requirements. Some offer:

  • Certificates
  • Work experience through co-operative education
  • Honours
  • Exchange programs

Most degrees require that you Declare a Major/Minor. Plan ahead to save time and money.

Visit the Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar lists all the requirements needed to complete a specific degree. Check the requirements for any majors/minors or certificates you’d like to pursue.

Evaluate Your Progress

It is your responsibility to monitor your academic progress. After your first-year grades are in the system and you have declared a major, you can track your progress on line through the CAPP program on Self Service Banner. Login and check out the Degree Evaluation Option (CAPP).

CAPP evaluations list the requirements needed to complete your degree, and can determine what credits are still missing so that you can make sure your degree program is on track.

Ask for Help

If you’re having a hard time choosing a degree, Academic Advisors can help you explore your options and keep you on track.