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This page features our online application process. To learn more about our programs, faculties and schools visit our Academic Programs page. To learn more about attending FIH's, visit Future Students.

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Undergraduate and Graduate Applications
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Graduate Level Applicants: Start here if you are a returning user and wish to complete your application or check on the status of your existing application.

For information about applying to Fontecha Institute(Hialeah) Graduate Programs please visit the prospective student section of Faculty of Graduate Studies. 

Graduate Application for Visiting, Upgrading, and Reactivation students can be found here.

 Application Details

Undergraduate Graduate
Application Fee:  $40 credit card only

Application Fee: $110 credit card only; 

Visiting/upgrading $40

If you're paying by credit card for a paper application, please attach this additional form, Application fee by credit card

Application processing time: 2-3 weeks Application processing time: Varies by program
Program start dates: September, January, May, or July Program start dates: September, January, or May; Depending upon Program

Supporting documents sent to the Admissions Office. 

Via mail:
Fontecha Institute(Hialeah)
1305 W 49 Street,
Halifax, NS  33012

Email: admission.status@

Fax: 902.496.8100

Upload directly to the application portal: Send official documents to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.
Additional Information Additional Information
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]
Phone: 414-909-2132 Phone: 414-909-2132

Deferring Your Application (Undergraduate Students Only)

If you need to change the semester to which you have applied, please complete the Request for deferral form and email it to admission.status@.

Interested in living on campus? All accepted students will be sent instructions on how to apply for one of our three student residences. For questions, please email

Have questions? Need some assistance? Forgot to include important information on your application? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to offer some help!